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Mad About You
Mad Love
Mad Mad House
Mad Men
Maggie and the Ferocious Beast
Magic School Bus
Magnificent Seven
Magnum P.I.
Majors and Minors
Make it or Break it
Make way for Grand Daddy
Making the Band - 3
Making Friends
Making the Squad - Miami Dolphins
Making the Squad - San Diego
Making the Squad - Tampa Bay Bucs
Making the Team - Dallas Cowboys
Making the Team - Dallas Cowboys 2
Making Menudo
Malcolm in the Middle
Mall Cops
Mama s Family
Man called Hawk
Man called Sloane
Man from Atlantis
Man from U.N.C.L.E.
Man of the People
Man Show
Man Undercover
Man vs Food
Manor House
Marcus Welby, MD
Marriage Ref
Married by America
Married under Construction
Married to Rock
Married with Children
Martin Mystery
Martha Stewart Show
Mary Knows Best
Mary Tyler Moore
Mary Tyler Moore Hour
Mash (pilot)
Mash (season 1)
Mash (season 5)
Masquerade Party
Master of Champions
Master of Dance
Masters of Horror
Masters of Illusions
Masters of Science Fiction
Match Game 74
Max Headroom
Max Headroom Talk Show
McHale's Navy
McLeod's Daughters
McMillian and Wife
Medical Center
Medical Investigation
Meet My Folks
Mel B its a Scary World
Mellisa and Joey
Melrose Place
Men in Black (cartoon)
Men in Trees
Men of a Certain Age
Meow Mix House
Meteor and the Mighty Monster Trucks
Method and Red
Miami Vice
Michael Vick Project
Mickey Mouse Club 50's
Mickey Mouse Club 90's
Mickey Mouse Clubhouse
Mighty B!
Mighty Mouse (New Adventures)
Mike and Molly
Mike Douglas Show
Mike Hammer
Mike Hammer: Private Eyes
Million Dollar Password
Millionaire Matchmaker
Mind of the Married Man
Minding the Store
Minute with Stan Hooper
Minute to Win It
Miracle Workers
Misfits of Science
Miss America Reality Check
Miss Guided
Mississippi River Quest
Miss Match
Mission Impossible
Mission Magic
Mobile Home Diaster
Mod Squad (the)
Mole (the)
Modern Family
Modern Men
Moment of Truth
Momma's Boys
Momster of the Bride
Monday Night Baseball
Monday Night Football (80's)
Monkees (the)
Monica Still Standing
Monster Buster Club
Monster Garage
Monster High
Monster House
Monster Squad
Moral Orel
More to Love
Morgan Freeman's Through the Wormhole
Mork and Mindy
Mork Cartoon
Mothers in Law
Movin' On
Mr Belvedere
Mr Ed
Mr Magoo
Mr Men Show
Mr Merlin
Mr Peabody and Sherman 1
Mr Peabody and Sherman 2
Mr Peabody and Sherman 3
Mr Roger's Neighborhood
Mr Sunshine
Mr T
Mtv's the 70's House
Mullets (The)
Muppet Show( The)
Munsters (The)
Munsters (The) (pilot)
Munsters Today
Murder in Smalltown X
Murder She Wrote
Music Bingo
My Babysitters a Vampire
My Bedbugs
My Boys
My Big Friggin Wedding
My Big Redneck Wedding
My Dad the Rock Star
My Favorite Martian
My Friend Rabbit
My Friend Tigger and Pooh
My Generation
My Guide to being a Rock Star
My Gym Partner is a Monkey
My Little Pony
My Little Pony (Friendship is Magic)
My Little Margie
My Name is Earl
My Sister Sam
My So Called Life
My Three Sons
My Two Dads
Mysteries of Alfred Hedgehog
Mystery Hunters

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