September 29th Episode Blog Bash


Danny McCray – Cheryl in NC, Nickelpeed, Jennifer

Deshawn Radden – Kelsey NY, PDX Granny, Jlaf

Erika Casupanan – Petals, Pam Arceneaux, Margo

Heather Aldret – Debbie, Joanne Victoria

Naseer Muttalif – CherryPie, Tammy M

Sydney Segal – Joyce Erickson, Laurie

UA TRIBE Environmentally friendly

Brad Reese – Marlo L, Glenn Allen, Shannon

Genie Chen – SueGee, Laura in GA, Bren

Jairus Robinson – Sydney, Brandi

Ricard Foye – Mikes Lady, GiLLL

Shantel Smith- Marthalight, Jackie


David Voce – Donna NY, Judy Sweeney, Skyriverblue

Evvie Jagoda – Sharon C, bizaro22, Indiana Jane

Liana Wallace – Terry is a Texan, ChicMC

Tiffany Seely – David, Dr_Celine

Xander Hastings – Donna in FL, April


Eric Abraham

Sara Wilson

Tonight’s episode will only be an hour very long unlike final week. Nevertheless, it will be adopted by the two-hour season finale of BB23. A different submit for that present will magically surface a number of minutes in advance of 9PM EDT. 

I will be live-blogging the most effective I can as the present airs in this article on the East Coastline. Please be client with me as I’m still seeking to get the names down! Refresh this page to get the most recent happenings. As normally, the serious social gathering is in the remarks place. Be sure to experience free of charge to join in on the enjoyment!

On Ua, Brad is all sorts of nervous about JD and Ricard since they went off to get h2o collectively. Horrors! Brad pulls a Tony and finds a hiding spot to spy on them. They are conversing about a “he” and he appreciates he’s the only other he on the tribe. Shan is now leery of Brad since he ran to her to inform her. She tells Ricard as they are allies. Heh.